New photos are on our Facebook page since it's quicker. We added a boatload of photos to it too. Please have a look at our photo albums!

Below are some links to some photos posted elsewhere. Below that, our old live pics:

Washington DC; December 3, 2016

DOF Photos courtesy Renea Stankiwicz on Facebook.

Richmond, VA; August 14, 2016

DOF Photos courtesy Jake Cunningham/Courage Music Photography on Facebook.

Baltimore, MD; May 28, 2016

ivan The Baltimore City Paper ran some photos of the MDF 2016 Sidebar shows. A few from our set are included.

Return to the Pit posted a bunch of great Sidebar pics also.

Providence, RI; May 14, 2015

DOF A Tumblr user posted a couple shots of us playing in Providence, RI.

Antigama & Drugs of Faith tour photos

pavel dave There's a couple photo albums of our tour with Antigama.

Antigama's Facebook photo album

Drugs of Faith's Flickr photo album

Baltimore, MD; February 7, 2015: The Sidebar

DOF High Hat Media and Baltimore City Paper posted some great pics of DOF and the bands we played with.

Philadelphia, PA; June 6, 2013: Decibel Magazine Tour

live View three photos from the Decibel Magazine Tour stop that we opened.

More photos are at Blow the Scene!

Harrisonburg, VA; April 5, 2013: Macrock

live View the photoset on Flickr; by Cybelle Kelly

New York City, NY; March 5, 2012: Death By Audio

dba View the photoset at Brooklyn Vegan; by Fred Pessaro

Baltimore, MD; May 23, 2009: Maryland Deathfest

dba Return To The Pit Photos courtesy Rev. Aaron

European "No Speed Limit" tour, October 2007

tour View the photoset on Flickr

Click thumbnails below to enlarge:
Baltimore, MD; January 10, 2014
Courtesy Maurice Alvarado


Baltimore, MD; October 20, 2012
Courtesy Gary Fry


Washington, DC; August 10, 2012
Live photos courtesy Lars Gotrich; group photo courtesy Cybelle Kelly


Fairfax, VA; March 11, 2011
Courtesy Justina Villanueva


College Park, MD; October 24, 2009
Courtesy Cody Bunnag


Baltimore, MD; May 23, 2009
courtesy Asa E


Richmond, VA; March, 2009
courtesy Rev Aaron


Washington DC; February, 2009
courtesy Cybele


Baltimore, MD; May 2008
recording A Warm Gun split, with session drummer Jake Cregger, guest vocalist American Dave


Baltimore, MD; May 2008
courtesy Steve Caywood
fill-in drums: Jake Cregger; guest vocals: JR Hayes


College Park, MD; March 8, 2009
Courtesy Christian Bear


European "No Speed Limit" tour, October 2007

Selected photos from the European "No Speed Limit" tour, October 2007, are below:

Pardubice, Czech Republic; October, 2007
courtesy and Blood I Bleed


Yverdon, Switzerland; October, 2007
courtesy Blood I Bleed


Drachten, Netherlands; October 2007
courtesy Michael Kopijn


Eindhoven, Netherlands; October 2007


Bad Mitterndorf, Austria; October 2007


Wroclaw, Poland; October 2007
courtesy Galon


Annandale, VA; July 2007
courtesy Mark Riddick


Richmond, VA; July 2007


New York City, NY; January 2007
courtesy Kathir from Rudra


Washington, DC; November 2006
courtesy Teresa Cole


New York City, NY; April 2006
courtesy Scott Bintner


College Park, MD; February 2006
courtesy Tara Greenbaum


Washington, DC; October 2005
courtesy American Dave


Sterling, VA; August 2005
courtesy Jason Hornick
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Baltimore, MD; November 2004
courtesy Jessica Vencil
Nov_2004_1_small Nov_2004_2_small Nov_2004_3_small Nov_2004_4_small


Washington, DC; July 2004
courtesy Michael Sassani
July_2004_1_small July_2004_2_small July_2004_3_small July_2004_4_small July_2004_5_small July_2004_6_small July_2004_7_small July_2004_8_small July_2004_9_small July_2004_10_small July_2004_11_small July_2004_12_small July_2004_13_small July_2004_14_small July_2004_15_small July_2004_16_small July_2004_17_small


College Park, MD; July 2004
courtesy American Dave
DC_2004_1_small DC_2004_2_small


Baltimore, MD; July 2003
courtesy Gary Fry
Balt_2003_fry_1_small Balt_2003_fry_2_small Balt_2003_fry_3_small Balt_2003_fry_4_small Balt_2003_fry_5_small Balt_2003_fry_6_small Balt_2003_fry_7_small Balt_2003_fry_8_small Balt_2003_fry_9_small


Baltimore, MD; May 2003
courtesy Scott Kinkade
Balt_2003_kinkade_1_small Balt_2003_kinkade_2_small Balt_2003_kinkade_3_small Balt_2003_kinkade_4_small Balt_2003_kinkade_5_small Balt_2003_kinkade_6_small Balt_2003_kinkade_7_small Balt_2003_kinkade_8_small Balt_2003_kinkade_9_small Balt_2003_kinkade_10_small Balt_2003_kinkade_11_small Balt_2003_kinkade_12_small Balt_2003_kinkade_13_small Balt_2003_kinkade_14_small Balt_2003_kinkade_15_small


Washington, DC; January 2003
courtesy Jess Morgan
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