Articles and interviews

Decibel Magazine: “Blast Worship”, 2019

Dreams of Consciousness: “An Interview with Drugs of Faith”, 2019

“Metro Connection” segment at WAMU 88.5, 2015

Cacophonous Revel Radio WGMU, 2014

Decibel Magazine: “Decibrity Playlist: Drugs of Faith”, 2013

The Doorway To: “Malokul Artist Drugs of Faith Interview is Up”, 2013

Grind and Punishment: “I Want a New Drug: Drugs of Faith Go the Distance on Corroded“, 2011

Decibel Magazine Deciblog: “More from the Grindfather”, 2011

WMUC Third Rail Radio, 2009

Grind and Punishment: “Change We Can’t Believe In: Whither Grindcore in an Era of Hope?”, 2009