“2008 Demo” posted to YouTube

We were going to post this release to our Bandcamp page, but then discovered that it’s got over 21K views (way more traction that we’d ever get on our own page) in the time since it was posted to the Manic Metal YouTube channel in 2019.

We originally recorded these songs for a split 7″ with A Warm Gun, but that didn’t work out and we put them out as a demo instead, and re-recorded them for the Corroded album in 2011.

Check out the demo and the release information below.

1. Race to the end (2008)
2. Anemic (2008)
3. The Age of Reason (2008)

Recording notes:
Recorded at the Barn in Brookeville, MD, April 2008, by Kevin Bernsten, engineered by Kevin Bernsten, assistant engineering by Joe Mitra; and at Catastrophic Sound in Baltimore MD, May 2008, by Kevin Bernsten. Mixed in May at Catastrophic Sound by Kevin Bernsten. Mastered by Scott Hull at Visceral Sound, Bethesda, MD, December 2008.

Lineup notes:
Drugs of Faith on this recording is Richard Johnson and Taryn Wilkinson. Session drums by Jake Cregger. Additional vocals by American Dave.

Writing credits:
Track 1 written by Drugs of Faith, Rebecca Burchette, Jake Cregger, Etay Levy, and Adam Perry. Tracks 2 and 3 written by Drugs of Faith and Jake Cregger. Lyrics by Drugs of Faith.

Thanks list:
Without Jake Cregger, John Wayne Hero, Pygmylush, and A Warm Gun, this recording would not be possible.

Released © 2008 Brickintheface Anesthesia Recordings.


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